Affections Events/Weddings Legal Terms & Conditions

Affections Floral Design 

Service Terms 

*Applicable to all clients who place a deposit for 2020-2021*


  •  All estimates and any special offers expire and are voided out after 14 days without being approved. At that time, a new estimate can and will be sent out depending upon the customers decision to continue with our services. 


  • You are allowed a maximum of 3 estimates before deciding to book with our team. After this time, we request you solidify your spot with us and submit your deposit as we continue to work on your event with you. 


  • Your estimate must be approved and a deposit must be submitted before securing your date and getting entered into our Wedding Event Calendar for that year. 


  • Your deposit is due within 7 days of your approved estimate. The deposit goes directly towards your wedding cost and is non-refundable, but can be transferable, if that client changes the event/date/etc. Subject to fees depending on the situation. 


  • The estimated price you see may not end up being the final price you are agreeing to pay and most likely will fluctuate in cost,  between now and your wedding, as we work with you to finalize all the details, numbers, etc. The final total will be reflected once we are 30 days out from your event. 


  • We will honor all changes you wish to make to your invoice up until these 30 days prior to your event. No changes can be made after this time. Approval for changes are up to the discretion of the designer assigned to your event. 

  • Your final payment for your event is due in full 14 days prior. Late fees can and will be applied to any missed/late payments. 


  • Lastly, be sure to READ your invoice thoroughly to ensure the designers and you as the client are on the same page to avoid any confusion regarding your wedding and to ensure a beautiful event, as we do pride ourselves in making your wedding day amazing! 


*By placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to these terms with our company. We pride ourselves in designing weddings and we look forward to working with you on making your special day absolutely beautiful!